Love Sloth


We are proud to release our first full-length album!

Released on Nov 12, 2017. CDs will be available at live shows and by request or can be found for purchase at Music Millenium in Portland Oregon.
Digital and Streaming copies are available through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Pandora Plus, Reverb Nation, CD Baby, Shazam, and Soundcloud as well as nearly anywhere you get your music online.

Recording Credits:


Josh Makosky – 

Rich Staats – Guitar

Owen Lowe – Bass

Harlee Eide – Drums

Paul Paresa – Keys

*Background Vocals on “Lay Me Down” feat. Julia Mackris


Music Production: Josh Makosky, Rich Staats, and Houston Gastelum

Tracking Engineers: Josh Makosky, Rich Staats, and Houston Gastelum

Mixing Engineer: Houston Gastelum

Mastering Engineers: Houston Gastelum and Josh Makosky

Vocals and Percussion recorded at Rex Studios Portland, OR

Special Thanks to everyone who contributed to this album’s creation and cost and thanks to REX Post and Brent Rogers for having us in their studio.