Dee Eff Bio

How long have you been playing:

Music and drums for over 25 years


What inspired you to start playing music:

Nearly everyone in my family is musical. I started my first original band when I was 16. the evolution of any song in any context has always inspired me.


What Gear Do You Use:

kit’s name is Orphan
(currently) 22″ Tama Rockstar Kick
10×8 & 14×12 Pacific Toms – Birch, 1st Gen
13×6.5 Yamaha Oak Musashi snare
Sabian AAX 14″ & 16″ crashes
Sabian AA 18″ crash/ride
Custom Hats = Sabian AA 14″ Bottom Hat on Top and 14″ Meinl Crash on Bottom
DW 5000 Single Chain Kick Pedal
Vater 5A Los Angeles’ or 7A Manhattans, depending on the gig… alternately, Vic Firth Power 5A and Danny Carey Signatures
“customized hardware”



  • Refused

  • Peter Gabriel

  • A Skyline Fracture

  • Michael Jackson

What’s in Your Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Playlist:

  • Sugar Glyder

  • Refused

  • Rhianna

  • The Weeknd

  • Between the Buried and Me


What is your favorite Love Sloth tune?

Lay Me Down


Favorite food/drink:

Organic salad w/ side of salmon and scotch


Favorite movie/tv series/game/book:

  • Groundhog Day / Rick & Morty / NBA 2K / Island by Aldous Huxley


Hobbies and Interests:

  • exercise / yoga, nutrition, meditation


Place you’d like to visit:



Interesting fact about me:

Pink & Green Weevil tattoo on my right foot