Owen Lowe Bio

How long have you been playing:

Since the Summer of 2010


What inspired you to start playing music:

My interest of Linguistics and discovering that Music is a deep rich nuanced language just lead me to the desire to want to understand it.


What Gear Do You Use:

Lakeland Skyline Series 5-String Bass, Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine, Gallien Kruger 4×10 MWB Series, Cascade Cabs



  • Paul Chambers

  • Nathan Watts

  • James Jamerson

  • Jimmy Garrison

  • Pino Palladino


What’s in Your Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Playlist:

  • Alpha Mist

  • Vulfpeck

  • Stevie Wonder

  • BBNG

  • D’Angelo


What is your favorite Love Sloth tune?

Boy Who Loved Winter


Favorite food/drink:

Steak bloody Steak, and water


Favorite movie/tv series/game/book:

  • Oh man, games, only games here. Metal Gear Solid is my jam, Zelda (obviously), Chrono Trigger


Hobbies and Interests:

  • Recently I’ve been reading a lot more, otherwise, hiking and gaming


Place you’d like to visit:



Interesting fact about me:

I probably eat more Mexican food than any sane human should.