Love Sloth is a Portland based band founded by Josh Makosky and high-school best friend, Rich Staats, really a mutation from their previous Portland band August in Blue, formed in 2012.

Founder and band leader Josh Makosky has been playing music since he was 5, starting on piano and picking up guitar when he was 10. When he was 17 he studied music at local community college and when he was 24 after being unsatisfied with playing only with friends and the occasional friend’s special event, he wanted to play to more people. After hitting several local jams on a visiting family member’s recommendation, he found his home in the Portland local Blues scene, Playing regularly with local favorites such as Angel Bouchet, Lucy Hammond, touring with American Idol favorite and super-diva Naomi Tatsuoka, and even touring with local star and several time Muddy Award Winner and friend Ben Rice.

Although founded as primarily a Blues-Rock band, Love Sloth, with its own sound crafted from so many styles, blended the genres of Blues and R&B, Funk and high-energy Rock. They’ve had multiple line-up changes and eventually morphed into something altogether new, eventually realeasing their first full-length album in Nov of 2017.

Less than a year later Rich moved to Arizona for great life opportunities.
The vacuum left over was filled by friend, coworker, and Oregon State graduate Nathan Mayers. The current line-up features Josh Makosky on Vocals and Guitar, Nathan Mayers on Rhythm Guitar, the amazingly talented Juliet Terrill on Bass, and Chandler Bowerman holding it all together on Drums.

Live is where they shine and they believe in playing and writing fun, relatable songs and delivering a fun, energetic musical experience to put on a great show that you will want to see again.